truck-repair - El Paso

Truck Repair

Having a complete Truck repair service Centers means you can count on highly skilled truck repair experts who truly care about the performance of your truck. So when you need truck repair and maintenance, trust the leaders in the truck service industry that have been voted Best by drivers. Duran and Sons Heavy Towing's mission is to take care of all highway truck drivers in the finest full-service truck repair facilities on the road. We offer diesel truck repair, road service truck, truck road service, Truck AC repair, truck frame repair, and much more at extremely affordable rates. Our truck mechanics are committed to getting the job done right and getting your car or truck back on the road, as quickly and safely as possible.

Truck Towing - El Paso

Truck Towing

Even the newest and most well-maintained truck experience problems from time to time. Most commonly, these problems arise when you are rushing to get somewhere important, or the weather is bad. When car problems arise, it is important to know the best towing service El Paso has to offer so you can get back on the road again. If you experience any difficulties with your truck when you are on the road, do not hesitate to call. Our well-trained staff will come to you within twenty minutes of your call and help you in whatever capacity is required to get you on the road. Duran and Sons Heavy Towing are ready to offer you the best in class and cheaper towing services in El Paso 24-hours.

Auto Towing - El Paso

Auto Towing

You can count on Duran and Sons Heavy Towing in El Paso for any of your towing and roadside service needs. Our tow truck drivers are experienced and highly trained to handle any situation. Our staff is dedicated to going above and beyond their call of duty, to give you an exceptional towing experience. We take huge pride in our top of the line equipment, knowledgeable drivers, and history of serving El Paso communities and businesses. You will be pleased with the service and support that Duran and Sons Heavy Towing has to offer. Duran and Sons Heavy Towing can meet your needs, no matter how big or small the job. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority - and we drive directly to our customer’s location. So, if you are looking for auto towing in El Paso, call us.

Auto Repair - El Paso

Auto Repair

We understand the priorities of today's drivers. Uncompromised safety, maximum uptime, and honest service are what they always look for. Duran and Sons Heavy Towing makes it sure to offer you what you wish. Our auto repair mechanics have what it takes to get you back on the road. At our El Paso location, we offer a variety of commercial vehicle & equipment services. Whether you are looking for a small radiator repair or a full engine repair for your auto in El Paso, hiring skilled experts of Duran and Sons Heavy Towing is the best choice.

Trailer Repair - El Paso

Trailer Repair

Duran and Sons Heavy Towing has full service and trailer repair packages. We can help you maintain, repair and customize your trailer regardless the brand, type or size. Our trailer specialists are factory-trained and certified. All trailer repair backed up by our 100% client satisfaction guarantee! We offer trailer parts, utility trailers, trailer brakes, trailer accessories, trailer axle repair and much more. Duran and Sons Heavy Towing has a fully qualified team that repair all brands of boat trailers, box trailers, horse floats, tradesman trailers and commercial trailers. We are great at problem-solving on trailers that are not towing correctly.

Trailer Towing - El Paso

Trailer Towing

Duran and Sons Heavy Towing will arrange the right truck to hook up to your trailer and tow it to your destination. We have many different types of trucks designed to pull most trailers. Over the years Duran and Sons Heavy Towing have advanced our equipment and knowledge of the shipping industry. Your trailer will be in great hands from the time of pick up to the exact time of delivery. We offer car towing trailer, truck trailer hitch, trailer tow hitch, tow ball hitch, small car trailer, trailer hitch mount, vehicle trailer, and much more. If you need towing and you are in the El Paso area, we are here to take care of you get you back on the road fast. The staff at Duran and Sons Heavy Towing has years of experience in trailer towing, setting up caravans and maintaining trailer.

24-hour Roadside Assistance - El Paso

24-hour Roadside Assistance

When it comes to requiring a tow truck, it would be great if it only happened during the daytime when people are there to help you. The issue is that is almost never when it happens most times when you needs a tow truck or Roadside assistance in the middle of the night. Duran and Sons Heavy Towing know this and that is why we offer 24-hour roadside assistance to our customers in the El Paso area. If you are in need of roadside assistance in the El Paso no matter what time it is, our skilled towing drivers will be there. It could be two AM on a Sunday night our operators will be there to provide towing services. Why? Because we understand that auto breakdowns happen at the worst possible times.

Heavy Towing - El Paso

Heavy Towing

When your truck breaks down in El Paso, you need Duran and Sons Heavy Towing. With road service, and light & heavy duty towing in the El Paso area, and beyond, we have the right towing equipment and expertise to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We offer heavy duty truck towing service for heavy duty trucks and semi trucks in El Paso. Our mobile repair facilities can save you time by coming to you. When we can't fix it at your location, we have a full-service garage and a fleet of towing vehicles to get you there. Our GPS tracked state of the art fleet of light & heavy-duty towing trucks is always there for your rescue in El Paso. We can assist in getting you back on the road or on your way to where you need to be. We provide you with damage free heavy towing anywhere and at any time.

Long Distance Towing - El Paso

Long Distance Towing

Duran and Sons Heavy Towing provide full-service long distance towing service in El Paso, picking up your truck at its origin and safely delivering it to your chosen destination at cheap rates. From classic truck to hunks of junk to be restored, we handle all car transport with care and attention to detail. Our drivers are firmly committed to providing excellent customer service and professional care when it comes to dealing with your situation. We offer our customers a 24-hour, roadside assistance. Trust our highly trained towing professionals to help you anytime with our extensive and reliable Fleet. Our Company knows that towing a truck for a long distance can be very stressful. Vehicles to most people are their second most valuable possession next to their home. Knowing this, we offer reliable long distance towing services where we guarantee to keep your vehicle safe at any cost.